Essay on Pakistan

Essay on Pakistan – 200 Words

Pakistan is a Muslim country. The national language of Pakistan, Urdu, can be heard all over the streets and spoken fluently by most locals. It was founded on the 14th of August 1947 to serve as an independent nation for Muslims who had resided there before British occupation and decline during World War II.

With no resources when it came into being at first but eventually becoming one of Asia’s top economies due mainly to its strategic geographic location that links Central Asian countries with East Africa through trade routes such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), this multinational state has become known not only for providing refuge from war zones like Afghanistan or Syria but also contributing peacekeeping forces across many regions including South Sudan.

Pakistan is a beautiful country. They have seaports, natural wonders, and archaeological sites of cultural importance all over the world. There are big cities in Pakistan like Karachi that act as the center for commerce. At the same time, Lahore holds religious significance to millions of people worldwide, with its iconic shrines dedicated to Islamic saints like Data Ganj Baksh or Chenab Nagar.

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The people of Pakistan are courageous. They work hard and live in harmony, respecting each other. I love my country!

Essay on Pakistan – 500 Words

Pakistan is located in the south of Asia and has a Muslim majority population. The country’s neighboring countries are India, Iran, Afghanistan, and China.

Pakistan houses the world’s 7th largest army, with its capital being Islamabad before Karachi, which now boasts as one of their major cities due to changes that took place in 1960 when they officially changed it from Punjab to Sindh province after having been split into two parts by an Indian border-demarcation line drawn up at partition time.

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The national language spoken here is Urdu, but most people still communicate through a dialect known locally as Punjabi or Western Punjabi because this was what had initially been used during colonial times for official purposes until 1956, when English became compulsory on radio broadcasts while.

Pakistan starts its struggle when the Muslim population in India felt harassed by their government. Pakistani leader Sir Syed Ahmed Khan used the word “Nation” to describe this region of Muslims that we’re not getting proper rights.

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After his “Two Nation Theory” and Allama Iqbal’s thought about a separate state where these persecuted people could live according to Islamic teachings, mobilization only increased among those struggling for freedom from an oppressive regime without any success until 14th August 1947 – Quaid e Azam M.A Jinnah had declared independence on behalf of all Indian Muslims which led them into sovereignty as well as victory over death itself through many movements they’d struggled with throughout generations, sacrificing lives so future ones can enjoy it too.

Pakistan’s neighboring countries are China, India, Afghanistan, and the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir on its northern border with India.

There is a long coastal line with the Arabian Sea in the south but only one side to it – which faces landlocked country Iran across from Gwadar port that was recently built by Beijing’s powerful engineering force for shipping purposes because they have billions invested there as well and don’t want sanctions put into place against them either by Washington or Brussels when some European Union officials said “a terrorist attack would be an act too far” while referring to more than just what happened at 9/11 World Trade Center.

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The mountain ranges Karakoram lie within the Northern areas.

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Pakistan’s education system is administrated by the Federal Ministry of Education and provincial governments. There are five levels in Pakistani schools: pre-school, primary, middle school (SSC), high school or intermediate level (HSC), and university level.

With literacy rates so low across Pakistan – especially among women – educators have shifted their efforts to providing more essay writing practice for students preparing for major exams like CSS Islamabad Civil Service Exam.

Essay writing services have also become a vast industry there due to this demand from parents who want them as well as students themselves because they’re aware that these skills will come in handy when it comes down to applying for civil service jobs in an environment where English proficiency is hard-won but crucial if one wants success.

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