Essay on Man | 200 Words and 500 Words

Essay on Man | 200 Words and 500 Words

Essay on Man – 200 Words

The most intelligent of all animals, man possesses a unique trait of behavior. Most other creatures live solely by their instincts, with no control over their actions. Man is the only animal that can adapt to different situations. He has become a master of tools to suit his needs productively.

Personalities were designed to help people fit in or out of the social fabric. However, man has his own identity that makes him special and unique from everyone else. All creatures on earth have some level of intelligence, but man is the only one who can understand and sense the difference between right and wrong. He can also discern from within which actions are moral and immoral, though this does not always coincide with society’s viewpoint.

These abilities are what differentiate humanity from every other creature in existence. Modern men are well educated. They respect the opposite sex and can give up their seats on the crowded metro for women.

They have moved to big cities and have changed their lifestyles, with most of them working in IT-related fields. They can access information using their smartphones and laptops. Technology has helped modern men do wonders in many ways.

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Essay on Man – 500 Words

Aristotle said, “Man is a social animal.” He cannot live without society. If he does so, he becomes either a beast or god. This sublimation of man in society is what makes him perfect in the universal scheme of things. Society is something that comes before the individual. “Whoever does not partake in society, is either a beast or a god, depending on whether he can live a normal life or is self-sufficient enough to not need it.”

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Man has evolved to become the most influential creature on Earth, and in order to do so, he has acquired abilities that make him capable of influencing people while controlling them. Today, man has established himself at the top of the social hierarchy and is looked upon as one of the major figures in society.

It’s a known fact that man has always been looking to make it big in society since ancient times. They wanted not only to be prominent leaders but also to be recognized as demi-gods for their ingenious ways of dealing with the environment. 

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The early life of humans was much different than today’s world. 2 million years ago, our ancestors lived in forests with wild animals and hostile environments to survive. They used sharpened rocks, sticks, or a stick with a sharpened rock on the tip to hunt animals for food. Granted that they occasionally had to climb up trees to eat fruits, vegetables, and leaves.

In prehistoric times, before the concept of agriculture had been developed, men followed the migration routes of animals and birds that moved from one place to another in search of food. They settled near rivers or places with abundant water sources. Even today, people move from one place to another in search of employment opportunities. In terms of a physical standpoint, the post-modern man is far taller than his early counterpart.

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His facial features have undergone a change in shape and size. Further, the sizes of their brains have increased considerably. The earliest man was not aware of some basic skills but his post-modern versions were able to figure out how to use rocks, knives, and spears to kill animals for food. They had also learned to make fire for themselves which was devoid of smoke.

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Since the beginning of time, humans have accomplished a lot; living conditions and lifestyles have vastly improved. During early times, the man was mostly forest-dweller; they were required to be strong and fit to survive in dense forests. Nowadays, people are exposed to many technologies that help them enhance their lives. Human beings are among the most advanced creatures on earth. There is almost no place left for him to explore on this planet because he has controlled most of it. Evolution, as we know, is a slow process.

For decades, man has tried to understand the evolution of everything around him. But, as he stands today, he realizes that his looks are very similar to those beings that existed many years ago.

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