Essay on Climate Change – 200 Words

Climate change, which is caused by urbanization, must be stopped immediately.

The main reason for this is cited as pollution and fast development.

Climate change is a real issue we all face today.

It has begun to cause extreme weather around the world, and the environment is worse for it. Ocean levels are rising due to glaciers melting. 

As a result, wildfires and hurricanes are becoming stronger and more frequent.

We are witnessing an alarming change in the climate. The mills produce vast amounts of pollution and waste, which is neither good nor healthy for humans.

But it doesn’t always have to end this way; there are still bundles of things that you can do about it.

Climate change is happening. You can observe this in the damaged ozone layer, the melting of ice sheets, and disasters around the globe. To avoid catastrophe, this issue must be addressed on a global scale.

Climate change is real, but it’s cyclical. Temperatures have risen and fallen for millennia. The climate crisis we see today, humans are likely its cause, but Earth has warmed and cooled previously. So humans are not going to go extinct “tomorrow” or even in generations to come.

Essay on Climate Change – 500 Words

Global climate change is not just because of urbanization but also due to industrialization. The first cause of global warming can be attributed to the buildup of carbon dioxide resulting from human energy consumption. As the human race, we should take the necessary steps in mitigating global climate change as soon as possible since its effects are far-reaching and pervasive.

Climate change is a worldwide issue in which rapid changes in the Earth’s climate are occurring. This is caused as a direct result of human activity, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Climate change is a threat to human development because of rising sea levels, increased storm severity, and the steady decline of agricultural yields. However, this is not a crisis to be taken lightly because humans have no control over how quickly these natural disasters will turn out.

Climate change was created at the beginning of time. It is a natural cycle that is happening all around us. If we don’t protect the only planet that we live on, the world will be much different in a thousand years than it is today.

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The regular use of fossil fuels has led to their complete exhaustion. In addition, using fossil fuels for energy, vehicles, and industrial products has increased carbon dioxide emissions in the environment, which results in global warming. The high emission of carbon dioxide has made it harder for plants and other living organisms to obtain nutrition and sustain themselves at an appropriate level.

Humanity has been exploiting the environment since the dawn of time; sometimes, they controlled and broke it completely. The greenhouse gases caused a warm and humid climate, which resulted in an accumulation of other harmful gases in the area. Over time, ozone layer depletion also happened. Carbon emissions are one of them. If we don’t do anything about it right now, our world will be destroyed in no time.

Despite global warming concerns, we continue to pollute the environment. These changes that we have caused to the ecosystem are not reversible. The only thing we can do is try to make the biosphere a better place to live in. Because in the upcoming days, it is predicted that the Earth’s temperature will rise day by day, leading to the extinction of life. This is because of the increasing amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

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The world has changed at such a surprising speed that all the weather conditions are becoming arbitrary. The force of these changes is so immense that we are having unexpected weather patterns like floods due to unprecedented rainfall, sudden hailstorms, and frost storms because of sudden temperature fluctuations. These accelerated changes have been leading to disasters like forest fires, which are causing anxiety and destruction.

Although they are not the most significant factors in life, there’s no denying that changes have significantly affected many facets of living. We cannot imagine life without these changes, but that does not mean we should not be wary of them as well.

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