If you are a student of 8th class and want to learn about the history of Pakistan and the world, then you should download the 8th class history book from the Punjab Textbook Board. This book is a free PDF download that you can access from the link below. The book covers the history of Pakistan from ancient times to the present day, as well as the history of other regions and civilizations. The book also has exercises, maps, timelines, and pictures to help you understand the historical events and personalities. You can also find the class 08 history notes on this website, which will help you revise and prepare for your exams. The class 08 history notes are also free PDF downloads that summarize the main points and concepts of each chapter. Download the 8th class history book and the class 08 history notes today and start exploring the fascinating world of history.

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Table of Content

  • Consolidation of british rules
  • Sir syed Ahmad khan
  • Political awakening

More About the PDF

Title: History

Filetype: PDF

Size: 23 MB

Pages: 72

Board: Punjab TextBook 

Class: 8th Class

Publisher: Punjab Text Book Board Lahore

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