Why is ACCA better than CA?

Accountancy and Finance are the rising fields all around the globe, especially in this century. With a surge in the need for keeping business records and accounts, this field has proved to be the best in making profit and progress.

If you’re planning to establish a career that promises employment and prosperity, then don’t look for anything else. ACCA is the best choice for you!

While taking admission in ACCA, many students encounter this age-old question “Is ACCA better than CA?” Why do students face this dilemma? Is it a mere myth or has some underlying reason? What are the grounds to separate and compare the two?

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The following blog will answer all your queries. We have enlisted and described some advantages of ACCA that will eventually prove that in many aspects, ACCA turns out to be better than CA. Let’s find out more about this.

Eligibility Criterion

If you’re preparing for your matriculation exams and dread the burden of FSc that lies ahead, then we have good news for you. The eligibility criterion for ACCA is having passed your matriculation or SSC exams from Pakistan or abroad. There’s no need to wait another couple of years to get enrolled for ACCA.

But for CA, you’ll have to clear your HSC or FSc examination first. So, one point for ACCA then!

Easy to Pass

We know many of you won’t step into the world for Accountancy just because you presume it’s challenging to pass the exams full of calculus, management sciences, and laws. But you’re mistaken. Statistics show that in May 2018, a good percentage of ACCA aspirants passed the exam. The percentage massively differed from the ones passing the CA examination. Another point to ACCA!

The students who were previously subjected to rote learning will now have a quality time discarding that orthodox method of learning. ACCA primarily focuses on comprehension and execution of concepts.


Apart from its satisfactory passing rate, ACCA takes over CA in its tenure as well. Students have to take a total of 13 papers to pass ACCA and that takes around 2 to 3 years depending upon the skills and intellect of the student.

Contrarily, CA requires a longer commitment. You’ll have to take a total of 20 papers that would bind you for 4.5 to 5 years before you get the certification. Also, an additional one year of experience in the relevant field is mandatory here. So, if you’re a person who wants to get into the field and start earning and supporting yourself in a shorter period of time, ACCA should be your choice.

Independence of Learning

Hasn’t it been our dream for ages? Getting enrolled in a degree and then, navigating our own way through its examining criteria and learning goals. Well, ACCA promises just the thing. You will have complete freedom in choosing your course material from various sites and portals. The official ACCA body is only concerned with taking your examination and scoring your performance. Thumbs up for self-learning!

Does CA provide this lease? I’m afraid no. It would ask you to get training and examination from its official website for approval of certification.


Some readers on this blog would be unfamiliar with this term. Let us elaborate on it for you.

Articleship refers to the practical training phase of an Accountancy student that allows them to work on real assignments for real employers. It’s a bit different from and way more serious than the normal three-month internships that engineering and business students undertake. Articleship requires the ability to contribute to the existing finance industry of a state even before the student has passed the final examination. Responsibility is the key element here.

CA requires a burdensome period of full three years of articleship. Managing that with one’s studies can be very tiresome. But for ACCA students, no such requirement is present. Field experience instead of articleship will do for them.

Job Prospects

Employment rates bother our generation the most. We understand if the number of jobs available in your selected field in the market bugs you throughout your learning period. It makes sense.

To give you relief, here are three aspects ACCA eradicates your employment concerns:

  • Students of ACCA get degrees from the UK, so they can apply for jobs literally anywhere around the globe.
  • They have a better chance of getting jobs due to never-ending globalization.
  • They can further help potential investors in setting business and companies in their residential states.

For CA, it becomes a bit challenging. Students have to complete a three-year period of articleship before contesting for a job. So, it’s definitely ACCA for us.

These are the six points that have conveyed why ACCA is much better than CA. We hope this comparison will help you prefer ACCA since it’s more feasible and beneficial to pursue.

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