By Rubab Ali

Visiting libraries is now considered an old school that is why online libraries have emerged. And HEC Higher Education Commission has also participated in the race of advancement and technology that is why it runs its own online library also called Digital Library (DL)

Steps to Access HEC Digital Library

Public and private sector university researchers, non-profit research and development organizations can get international scholarly literature through online delivery, high quality based refereed journals, databases, e-books and articles covering a wide range of disciplines.

Researchers can have access to a vast range of e-book texts and references. HEC National Digital Library provides around 75,000 electronic content available currently.

We have got the question in your mind that how can you access HEC Digital Library from home?

Do not worry and follow these simple steps to have access to HEC Digital Library. These images might come in handy!

Step 1

Go to the website of HEC National Digital Library

Step 2

On Home Page, click on the INSTITUTES

Step 3

A page will appear showing the universities from Public and Private Sector and other Institutes which have access to HEC National Digital Library HNDL

Step 4

Select your desired Institute

Step 5

A page will appear showing the resources of the Institution

Step 6

Journals and Researches will appear

Step 7

You can find a Journal by clicking on JOURNALS AND DATABASE and enter a keyword to search for your desired journal.

Not a Member? Learn How to Apply for HEC National Digital Library

  1. If you are not a member of HEC National Digital Library then you can fill the application after downloading it from
  1. Fill the form that will appear like this
  1. Mail it to mailto: [email protected]

Do you have any questions? Ask below, we answer each question on our website.

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