By Aleena Hussain

Confident about acing your CSS written exam but a bit nervous about the medical test?

Don’t fret, we are here to guide you regarding your CSS medical test.

First of all, you need to have a complete understanding of the CSS (Central Superior Services) written exam, and all its subjects and syllabus.

Once you are prepared and have cleared the CSS competent written exam, then you should start prepping for the CSS medical exam.

Remember, those who qualify for the medical test, are further called for the psychological exam and viva interview tests.

CSS Medical Test

It is done to inspect the physical health and capability of the applicant. A specific medical board is set up by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) to take the CSS medical exam.

Those who do not come up to the standards of the medical test are not selected.

CSS Medical Test Purpose

The basic objective of the CSS medical test is to evaluate and verify whether or not the applicant has any kind of bodily injuries or abnormality that will hinder the applicant’s working abilities.

CSS Medical Disabled Criteria

The disabled or physically challenged candidates should provide a disability certificate upon applying for the CSS exam. This certificate should be approved by any recognized authority.

The disabled candidates having the following impairments or injuries can apply for the CSS exam:

  • Physically Impaired
  • Hearing or Speech Impaired
  • Deaf and Dumb
  • Visually Impaired (blind)

The disabled candidates can apply for the following services in the CSS exam application:

  • Pakistan Audit and Account Services
  • Commerce and Trade Services
  • Postal Service Group
  • Information Group

According to the application of the disabled candidates, a helper (e.g., writer) will be given assistance during the CSS exam. Moreover, an extra 15 mins per hour will be awarded to the visually impaired (blind) aspirants.

CSS Medical Test Preparation

It is advisable that you should have your extensive medical test done by any well known medical institution before the actual CSS medical test, so as to avoid any unnecessary conflict and be better prepared.

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