Microsoft Exam 70-461 is not something that anyone could just hurdle through effortlessly. The exam’s target audience is developers; therefore, it is expected that you, if not especially experienced, at least have sufficient background in program designing, applying, and systematizing Microsoft SQL solutions.

However, aside from basic knowledge in Microsoft cloud-related technologies, you must also be adequately prepared to take this test.

How the changes in the certification program affect Microsoft Exam 70-461?

Microsoft Exam 70-461 or Developing Solutions for Microsoft leads you towards various product-knowledge certifications, which include MCSA, MCSE, and even MCSD. These have been the trend until the recent modifications surrounding the Microsoft certification track. From theory-based credentials, some of these are now being replaced with job-based certifications, which allow candidates to get the skills they’ll require at their workplace.

This new role-centered certification aims to gear professionals in handling technology’s constantly changing job roles. Rather than having the accreditations aligned with single products, role-based certifications have catapulted this accreditation alignment towards various tech positions. Microsoft has stated that these the certificates are intended to demonstrate that the holder has kept pace with today’s “technical roles and requirements”.

So once exam 70-461 is retiring soon, it will be substituted with the role-based exam 70-462. And successful completion of the new exam honors you with the role-based credential, Microsoft Certified: SQL Developer Associate.

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What are topics mainly covered by Microsoft Exam 70-461?

In Microsoft exam 70-461, you are tested from a developer’s viewpoint. Accordingly, it is utilized to see how you face difficulties related to Microsoft SQL solutions on a day to day basis. And for you to be effectively set to take this test, you must understand what the exam is and what the exam topics are.

The exam covers 20-25% of generating and handling virtual machines. You will deal with various technologies and tools as well as face endless customization and persistent incorporation. It’s because the exam’s coverage deals with the cloud platform. There is a constant need for you to be able to reduce the complexities found in certain systems, and there is no better way to do this than having a virtual machine.

25-30% of the exam deals with how a storage and data strategy is designed and implemented. This part of the exam focuses on extensibility or scalability. You must have detailed knowledge on how data is stored and how these stored data are managed and monitored. Cloud platforms are extremely scalable. So, you are expected to know how to change the storage capabilities of a website or application.

10-15% of the exam concentrates on how applications, identities, and network services are handled. You must not only have extensive network command but also overall management knowledge. Moreover, you are expected to have a decent grasp of how networks function, how different services found in networks are handled, and how problems found in the networks are solved. This part of the exam also delves into monitoring. In other words, there will be several applications that are running and these applications will contain different amounts of information, traffic, and data. It is imperative for you to be able to keep an eye on all the variables that are present.

How SQL Compute, Web, and Mobile Services are designed and implemented covers 35-40% of the exam. You are required to know how to design and implement SQL Compute, Web, and Mobile Services since SQL assists multiple mobile services and web applications.
What you need to do to ultimately pass the exam?

No matter how hard an exam is, there is always a way to breeze through it and that is by logical preparation. There are several materials that you need to get your hands on to excel in 70-461 exam as early as your first attempt.

  • Find reliable study materials

Your study materials must come from a reliable source. Microsoft itself has made available online different training courses and even a practice test. These are readily downloadable and can be found on Microsoft’s official page. All these resources contain supplemental contents for your perusal.

  • Focus studying on topics covered by the exam

In this article, the topics covered by the exam have been enumerated and adequately explained. Microsoft has also published the exam descriptions in its official page and has enumerated the exam’s purposes. You will be tested on different sets of skills found in the exam descriptions. It is vital that you don’t waste time and energy focusing on irrelevant topics outside the scope of what Microsoft has deliberately provided.

  • Hone practical ability

You must not only be theoretically adept in concepts but must also know how these concepts are applied in the real-life scenario. The first-hand experience of what a task does is incomparable when it comes to solving compound technological difficulties.

  • Use ExamSnap

ExamSnap is here to help you pass Microsoft exam 70-461 at your first attempt. Available on ExamSnap’s website are downloadable files containing 70-461 exam questions with precise and substantiated answers as seen in the actual exam. By using ExamSnap, you can focus your time and energy on the more essential parts of your review. It’s because their sample questions and answers are strategically gathered to impart you with technical proficiency, which is almost similar to the real exam.


Microsoft certified professionals earn substantially more in the field of technology. Your certification serves as proof that you have taken the time and effort to gather experience and education. SQL related certifications serve as evidence of your worth to potential employers and the employers can easily see your expertise on a particular topic. So, to become a certified professional you need to pass the exam/s first, and for that use the most reliable materials offered by Microsoft first and by ExamSnap website. Surely, being Microsoft certified will immensely propel you towards success.

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