IELTS Result of a boyDo you want to work, study and live in other countries? Then you might want to try taking the IELTS test with the British Council.

What is IELTS?

In case, you are wondering what is IELTS, then let me enlighten you, the term IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.

  • It is the world’s most popular English language test, which is widely accepted and recognized in almost every part of the world.
  • Before you apply for IELTS, let’s consider few things.
  • The candidate can apply in British Council and in addition, AEO in Pakistan for the IELTS Test. 
  • The offices of AEO are situated in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The candidate needs to visit the offices to get the form or can likewise download it from the official site of AEO. 

The offices of British Council are situated in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad giving the full testing administrations on normal premise.

It’s anything but an obligation to go to a preparation course as it is a decent creativity to practice systematically before the time.

The candidate can also get the Registration Form of IELTS from Standard Chartered Bank or can download from the official site of British Council.

Requirements to apply for IELTS

The candidates are required to attach a clear photocopy of their legitimate Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Passport, 2 passport size photographs without wearing eyeglasses (the photograph must not be older than half a year) alongside the payment deposit slip of Standard Chartered Bank (Demand Draft in favour of corresponding British Council office).

All the bank details where the applicant can deposit are additionally given. It really doesn’t matter where you take the test, both the British Council, AEO and Cambridge have the same value. Technically they are the same thing since IELTS itself is cooperation.

Process for the submission of the IETLS form

So there are two ways to register; you can download the form and go to the nearest office to submit, or you can submit online.

  • Submitting form directly

To submit your form in person by going to the Test Centre is far safer than online submission. The only issue is that it requires more time and energy.

Download the form, read it carefully and fill it.

All important rules and regulations are mentioned in it. Read it thoroughly, you’ll know what documents to bring on the test day. You must submit a bank draft in favor of AEO Pakistan if registering for AEO. You can have yourself registered by sending an application and required documents to AEO by courier.

AEO responds within 2 working days. If you plan to register for British, you need to verify all payment options when making the payment for the British council Pakistan IELTS test. Students can make payments through Standard charted bank in favor of British Council and submit the draft to British Council Pakistan. You need to do it in at least 7 days before the test.

  • Online Application

You can likewise apply online for IELTS test on any organization. All application procedure is divided into steps, in this way, it is straightforward. You need to choose your area and the date of the test.

At this point, you are given a complete application form to fill. You need your identity documents to fill the form. It is normally your national ID card.

 In the event that you are giving test out of your own country then you require your passport. When your test is reserved, they will get in touch with you by means of email and SMS.

 You will be given all data and helping materials on your email. After this simply keep yourself updated and they will let know the date of your test.

Types and Sections of IELTS Test To Prepare For to Pass

Before your IELTS test, you should acclimate yourself with its format. It is extremely hard to finish the test without experiencing this stage.

There are two sorts of IELTS Test; IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.
Both IELTS test is separated into four segments; Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Listening and Speaking Test for the two sorts of IELTS is the same.

 Be that as it may, Writing and Reading Test for Academic and General Training is different. Ensure what test you will take and get ready accordingly.

The Listening, Reading and Writing segments of all IELTS tests are done around the same time, without any breaks among them and one Test of Speaking, that is an interview, may be taken 7 days sooner or after the standard Test.

 Your test center will endorse you about it. The aggregate test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
You will be tested in the following areas.

  • Listening

This test as the title explains it is preliminary of your listening skills. They will check how great you are in understanding verbal communication in English. You will be given 30 minutes for this test. You will need to listen to four narrations/conversation of local English speakers and after that compose your responses to a progression of inquiries.

 Keep in mind, the listening test is the same for the two sorts of test. They will give an MP3 Audio record and paper sheets. Each answer sheet determines which recording to tune in to and additionally you will be furnished a transcript with it.

  • Reading 

You will be given an hour for this test. The Reading part comprises of 40 questions, intended to test an extensive variety of reading abilities. These comprise of concentrate for substance, considering primary musings, dissecting for detail, understanding intelligent dispute and recognizing authors’ surveys, perspectives, and motive.

 IELTS Reading Academic Test incorporates three long sections that are called reading the passage in the exam. These are taken from books, diaries, magazines, and daily papers. They have been chosen for a non-expert group of candidates, however, are fitting for individuals entering college courses or looking for expert enlistment.

  • Writing

You will be given an hour for this test. It consists of two writing tasks. You have to describe both in about 150- 200 words in your own wordings. There are two assignments in this test:
Undertaking 1 – you will be given a chart, table, graph or outline and requested to depict, condense or clarify the data in your own words.

Undertaking 2 – you will be asked to form a paper in the response of a point of view, conflict or issue. Responses to the two errands must be in a formal style.

  • Speaking

Last fourth Section of Speaking, tests your capacity of discussion. Remember that this test is led independently and they may call you 7 days earlier or after the other test.

In this area, they will direct a meeting of 11 to 14 minutes. The Speaking test is the equivalent for both Academic and General Training tests.

They will check whether you can convey your message in English or not. This meeting comprises of three sections:

  • Part 1, you answer questions about yourself and regarding your family.
  • Part 2, you speak about a topic.
  • And
  • Part 3, you have a lengthy discussion on the topic at hand.


Clearing IELTS exam isn’t a herculean task, but nevertheless, it requires hard work and patience, both, on the part of a candidate. It’s advisable to get training from an expert if you are not proficient in English. Training, hard work and consistency are what will get you through the IELTS paper and once it’s cleared, be ready to go to places!

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