If you are looking for a HEC Doctor Degree, and want to become a Doctor without MBBS, BDS, DVM, Ph.D degree then you might be disappointed to learn that HEC has banned the use of the title “Doctor” for BS degrees. This means that you cannot call yourself a doctor after completing a four-year bachelor program in most fields. In this article, we will explain why HEC made this decision and what are the alternatives for aspiring doctors.

Students and parents are being misguided by institutions that are offering degrees in the name of ‘doctors’, and HEC has directed not to use the title of “Doctors” in their BS degrees nomenclature.

They have to take approval from NCRS (National Curriculum Review Committees) constituted by HEC for using such a term in their nomenclature.

The letter mentions the following degrees:

  • Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences
  • Doctor of Optometry
  • Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Medical Imaging Doctor

These programmes fall under the category – being offered by different universities and colleges around Pakistan.

“All the universities/ HEIs are hereby directed to stop further admissions in such programmes and withdraw their advertisements in newspapers as well as on their websites and social media platforms with immediate effect,” the letter underlines.

Furthermore, these degrees will not be recognized by HEC, and the students will face problems for a job, and the verified degree from HEC.

The only degree that HEC allowed is “Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)” which is a five-year degree programme, and it can only be taught in those universities which have relevant faculty, infrastructure, required labs and attached hospitals for clinical practices.

“It is earnestly directed to refrain from offering such programmes which lead to ambiguity, false presumptions and confusion for students, their parents and employers”, the letter reads.

Source: HEC updated By M.Tahir 2023

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