Gilgit-Baltistan students have been facing issues in many things, but the recent one is the major enigma that needs authorities attention.

Otherwise, it could destroy the dreams of hundreds of Gilgit students, and they will never forgive the authorities for not taking any action.

Why is it an alarming situation? Because there are no medical colleges in the Gilgit-Baltistan.

Most students either to take the MDCAT or ETEA.

These both are the entry test to take admission for MBBS and BDS in medical colleges.

MDCAT and ETEA are going to be taken on the same day, 23rd September 2018.

The official UHS website shows the date

And the ETEA test date mentioned on the official website.

Students are taking help of social media to raise their voice.

We want to draw the attention of concern authorities towards the problem of the entry test; the date should be changed to the effect that students can take both exams without any concern.

Only 22 days are left for the entry test, and action must be taken sooner, not later.

GB students are in the minority, it doesn’t mean we should ignore their problems.

When a country takes steps to solve the problems of the minority, they do something big for the country.

We hope that the authorities will understand the situation, will do a favor to GB students that they deserve.

Either UHS can change the date or the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency of KPK can do something.

It means if any of the above authority takes an action, the problem will come to an end.

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