Are you the student who was not selected in ECAT or any other universities and looking for a field that can take him to the next level that others cannot achieve the same?

Then this article is for you. I would suggest you read the below article after reading this.

These fields are selected after observing the current market of Pakistan, in the future, these fields could be changed, but these fields will be valid for the next 2 to 3 years due to the massive scope.

Note: In each field, I’ve given links of Indeed site where jobs are mentioned. Here you can get an idea how many jobs are coming in the specific field in the city as well as you can check which skills you need to develop in order to get a job. You can get the skills from very the first day at your university or college.

1. Computer Science

It’s one of the most selected fields in Pakistan thanks to the technology advancement in the country. People are coming to freelancing as we are already the 4th country where most freelancers are born.

Computer Science mostly deals with mathematical and CS  theories and graduates essentially become software programme or web developer.

The reason is simple because even you don’t get a job you can start your own business because you have world-class skills that the world needs that you can offer on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Web developments are in constant need because a lot of websites are being created every day, and every business needs a website.

Because the world is getting online, and everybody likes to visit website rather go to the store which is far away. That’s the reason Amazon buys the Whole Food for 13,000 million dollars a few months ago because the American people like to order the vegetables without going to the shops as you can see people are lazy.

In the computer science, the following things are taught:

If you’re curious what exactly you will be taught in every semester, then you can download the HEC Computer Science outline here.

Here you can check the jobs for computer science students in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should Select Computer Science Field in Pakistan?

  • You can never be a jobless because you get skills like programming, web development, app development, photo editing or video editing that you can offer on UpworkFiverr, and Freelancer to earn money from the internet.
  • Many startups need a website, mobile app or a software application, you can make to make your CV better. Even you can work on open source projects in order to show what you have done in order to get job earlier.
  • You can become a computer science teacher at the school, college or university level.

2. Information Technology (IT)

Many students think that computer science and IT are the same fields, but these fields are different.

In IT, you interact with a lot of people as compared to computer science graduates. Because you have knowledge of Linux, SQL, Servers, customer support of the operating system and much more.

You know the core of every problem already. If people are facing issues like the website is not opening, then the IT Expert is called to solve the issue because he knows if we deploy more fast servers it will solve the issue.

Moreover, this field is fascinating because a lot of practical needs to be done as compared to computer science where many things are theory oriented.

If you’re curious what exactly you will be taught in every semester, then you can download the HEC Computer Science outline here.

Here you can check the jobs for IT students in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should IT Field in Pakistan?

  • Due to increasing demands of websites, many servers handling skills are the requirement so that you can make the servers more secure to hackers.
  • New changes are made day by day, and only the IT Expert knows how to fix the new problem.
  • You can work on cloud to transfer the whole database of companies to the cloud servers like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Rogue, and Amazon AWS.

3. Web Designing

It’s the most demanding stills in the world that I have already said above that every day thousands of websites are being created for schools, colleges, universities, and new business.

I can say that if you’re a web developer. You can never be jobless, I wrote an 8000 article how you can earn money and learn this skill.

There are many universities where web development are taught that may be front-end development or backend or full stack developer.

Even you can learn for free online as I said in this article (the same above article), and also I depicted how you can earn.

You might be thinking what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically the science behind the search engine how does it work. How you can bring your website to the top of Google to get more visitors. I explained this in detail in the above article.

Here you can check the jobs for web development in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should Select Web Designing and SEO Field in Pakistan?

  • The population of the world is increasing day by day, so need more programmers and web developers to cater the needs and wants of the modern era.
  • You can work on an e-commerce website to handle the back and front end of the site.
  • As an SEO Expert, you know the ways how to bring more traffic from Google. So, you can rank your own site or others sites to earn money.

4. BBA (MBA)

There are many specializations in BBA like banking and insurance, marketing and finance; It’s the best field for you if you have an aim of running a business in Pakistan or abroad because this field gives you a sense of business.

You might be thinking, business really? I need a lot of money and investment to start a business, But you’re 100% wrong.

In the modern era, it takes only Rs. 118 to start a business or start earning money. But how?

You can buy a domain of Rs. 188 on Godaddy and attach with Blogspot which is a free hosting of Google. Then you can learn SEO, then start getting traffic. It may take 6 months to 1 year to get success.

You may find difficulty in finding a job in Pakistan, but if you keep finding, you will find because many jobs come every day, I also tell how to find a job in the above article.

Here you can download the PDF of BBA, and MBA Outline of HEC here

Here you can check the jobs for BBA in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should Select BBA Field in Pakistan?

  • There are unlimited business opporutnies in Pakistan, you just need an idea. Watch the video how you can get a great idea to start business in Urdu language.
  • BBA in marketing is good because comapnies hire you prmote their business. With SEO and SMO skills, you will get a job like a piece of cake.

5. ACCA (CA)

It’s considered the most challenging field that takes 5 to 8 years to complete depending on the skills of the person who is taking admission in CA. You could get admission after F.Sc even if you have got 60%.

You have to study a lot perhaps more than an MBBS student. It has 4 stages, 2 stages are done in your college, the rest steps are done in the training mode.

But the average salary of CV is 1 lakh in Pakistan.

After doing CA, you can be:

  • Financial Analyzer
  • Chartered Accounted
  • Real Estate Financier
  • Risk Monitor

and much more.

Here you can check the jobs for CA in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should Select CA Field in Pakistan?

  • The minimum salary in Pakistan is Rs. 100,000 for most CA experts. In the UAE, it may be above Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 150,0000.
  • Jobs are in demand, but it’s the most challenging field to do.
  • You’re respected like an MBBS doctor.

6. Bachelor of Law

In simple words, this field is known as Bachelor of Laws. Due to the increasing problems of Pakistan, the jobs of law are many.

It is fascinating subjects, you can do major in of the following fields:
  • Banking Laws
  • E-Commerce Law
  • Islamic Commercial Laws
  • Media Laws
  • Taxation Laws
And there are many such laws. You can do whatever you want.

Here you can check the jobs for law in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should Select Law Field in Pakistan?

  • Due to increasing number of issues in Pakistan, more lawyers are needed that can work on an issue at affordable rates. Because experience lawyers are expensive.
  • You can open your own office where you can give justice.
  • You can become a law consultant of any major you do.

7. Psychology

In this field, you can open your own clinic and can work in different armed forces because you can understand the psychology of people what they mean.

If you have taken the ISSB,  you have observed that you have an interview with a psychologist.

In psychology, you have to study all about the behavior of the people. You have a thorough understanding to impress people, can read the people what they think what they can do with you and how you can improve the company of someone to grow to the next level.
You can be:
  • Army Psychologist
  • Child Psychologist
  • Cognitive Psychologist
  • Consumer Psychologist
  • Counseling Psychologist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Health Psychologist
  • Navy Psychologist
You can download the outline of Psychology for BS and MS programs of HEC here

Here you can check the jobs for psychologist in Lahore. You can find jobs in any city.

Why You Should Select Psychology Field in Pakistan?

  • You can work in army, navy and air force as a psychologist.
  • You can become a teacher if you have the passion for teaching.
  • You can write on psychology to heal people by making a blog. Learn SEO to rank your blog higher in Google.
  • You can run your own clinic to heal people from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

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