11 Habits To Be A Successful Pakistani Student In Every Field


11 Habits To Be A Successful Pakistani Student In Every Field
If you are a student and struggling with your studies, and you are confused how to improve your studying methods to get higher marks in SSC, HSSC, MCAT or ECAT and how to live a student life, then you have come to the right place.


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Duration: 18 Minutes
Language: Urdu
Voice by: M Aamir Mursleen
Article by: Tahir Mahmood

After reading all of the points given below and acting upon them, you will be able to achieve higher goals in your life, and you will be able to live a happy and delighted student life.


Most of the students in Pakistan study in English medium schools and colleges.Therefore, learning it in the first step is the most important thing that you should do is to improve your student life.

It is always considered and observed that those who are good in the English language are considered as top students of the class, and they always excel in studies.

Improving your English writing, reading and understanding will automatically boost your performance in other subjects. The best part you will be able to write answers in your own words. It has been seen that students often have the idea about questions and knowledge, but they are not able to convey their answer accurately in English which results in their low grades.

Who are not fluent in understanding and reading English, face problems in understanding questions. How can you expect a person to answer a question when he doesn't even understand the question?
So it is the most important and necessary step for a student to take. Make your mind today that you will first learn the English language.If you are studying five out of six subjects in the English language, then it is of immense importance for you learning English first. The earlier you learn English, the better you will get in studies.

Tips for Improving English
  • All the students claim they know the tenses, but in reality, only 10% students know all the rules of tenses. The best website I have ever found on the internet is English Page. It has diagrams and examples that make one of the best sites for learning tenses.
  • Most students are unable to understand the tenses in English, how I can forget you guys. You can learn tenses in Urdu at OneDrive English Tenses.
  • Once you're done with the tenses, the next you have to read articles especially on the Dawn blog. Whichever sentence you read, write on a piece of paper which tense it is. If you know all the sentences which tense, then you're going on well.
  • Buy a good grammar book, read minimum one rule a day. It means you will memorize 365 rules a year. 
  • You must have strong knowledge of Part of Speech, 12 tenses, active passive and the uses of "THE, AN and A" in order to write impressive English.
  • If you read Biology, you must identify which part of speech it is, which tenses it is, either it is passive or active, why 'THE' is used here. I will write a long article where to use THE with an Urdu video in a few weeks.
  • Read minimum one article per day daily. And write for 10 minutes a day on any topic even  on "If I were the Prime Minister of Pakistan for 10 minutes."
A better reader is a better writer


In Pakistan, it is the biggest problem of students that they take study as a burden and during their study periods all they try to do is to put this burden somehow off their back.Some of the students also think that studies are really annoying, and he/she has no interest in these subjects.

                         "Nothing is Interesting if you are not Interested"

It's the video of only 2 minutes in Urdu, I hope it will change your life for sure if you really want to change.

You will have to understand that education is important for you and your life. And study with a strong reason. This can be only learnt if you try to look at things in a positive way.

If you think that you cannot study or it is tough then all you need is a simple change in your attitude. You need to convince yourself that it is easy and you can easily do it. The most difficult task is to start, give it a start and soon you'll be comfortable with your books. Ask some questions to make your studies full of curiosity and interesting.

1) Why am I studying this topic?
2) Why is it so important to study this topic?
3) Why is it added to our course?
4) How can I use this thing practically?
5) Can I see someone using this thing somewhere?


Oh, I have a lot of work to do today, I have to prepare for the Chemistry test tomorrow, I have to study Physics today as I haven't studied it in the last couple of weeks, but I am not good in English too I think I should study English today, O  no, Urdu teacher is very strict so I should probably write his essay first.

In the end, a student is not able to complete even a single task, and his comments are, what can I do now? Studies are terrible; I don't have enough time?


Depression is the marks killer, you have to deal with it. You must apply your critical thinking in order to handle your stress:

  • Control Your Nerves: You must admit that the outcome of depression is nothing. If you're worried, you will be less likely to memorize a topic efficiently. You will make a lot of mistakes.
Being worried is a state of mind that you can change anytime. If you look at the things that you don't have, you feel you're unlucky. If you look at the things that you have you feel lucky. Just look at the things that you have. STOP COMPLAINING!
  • Growth Mindset: Most Pakistani students have fixed mindset that they set limits in their mind. For example, a student that has never got good marks in Organic Chemistry, he will think that he can't get good marks ever. If he has a fixed mindset, he will keep repeating those mistakes. If he has a growth mindset, he will find the origin of the problems, try to correct them. He comes to know that he gets low marks because his paper presentation is dreadful after asking the teacher and his best friends because of the growth mindset. You can improve paper presentation skills in order to get great marks in exams.
  • Regularly Watch Motivational Speakers: Qasim Ali Shah and Faiez Seyal are the best motivational speakers in Pakistan. They teach people you can get success in your life by changing your attitude. Search their names on Youtube, you will get videos what you want. It looks awkward, I guarantee, once you watch any lecture, you will fall in love. 


We take time management as a useless topic in our life, you won't believe me that it is that X factor which is behind the success of 90% students.In 24 hours of a day, it has been observed that most of the people get ahead during the TIME which others waste. Using the same 24 hours someone topped board exam whereas others fail.

I will explain you with a simple example,

Take three students, A,B and C of the same class and same IQ. All the three students are given a task which can be completed in 20 hours.

Student A, allocates 20 hours for the task and completes it with extra time to spare and revise it.

Student B, wasted 5 hours and left with 15 hours and now he feels anxiety that affected his efficiency, and he completes 80% the task with low confidence.

Student C, wasted 10 hours and left with 10 hours to complete, he tries hard but could not finish the task on time.


Student A, tells that the task was easy. He scored 100%.
Student B, tells that the task was difficult. He scored 80%.
Student C, tells that the task was tough. He scored 40%.

If you start preparing for your exam early then at the end you'll relax and stress-free. The same goes if you're preparing for MCAT and ECAT even CSS. You think you have a lot of time, in reality, it's not.


If you feel a headache, you take a painkiller. If you feel fever, you go to a doctor. If you feel pain in your teeth, you go to a dentist. Have you ever thought that you could be suffering from depression?

According to World Heath Organization (WHO), around 350 million people in the world suffer from depression.

The main problem here that it is an abstract disease, the student has no way to know that he/she is suffering from it.

People don't even realize that they are suffering from depression. Here are some of the question through which you can ask yourself to check if you are suffering from depression or not. If the answers to these questions are YES, then you are suffering from depression.

1) Do you feel every task a burden?
2) Do you feel homework as useless?
3) Do you get angry at teachers?
4) Do you feel hopeless, lazy, tired and low on energy?

Take an online Depression Test in 2 minutes click here.

If the answer to these question is YES. Then you might be suffering from depression problem. Here are some of the methods which I use to reduce stress.

1) Take it easy (Relax).
2) Tell yourself that you will do it easily.
3) Always start working early.
4) Do work on time, and your life will be stress-free.
5) Education is for man; Man is not for education.
6) Go for some outdoor activity like Hiking or may be playing a football game.

I noticed that F.Sc students who are studying pre-engineering and pre-medical take a lot of tension because of their college and academy work at the same time. You have to find out the solutions. Take a rough copy and a pen. Write the problems on the left side, think deeply, then write their solution on the right side.


Most of the students in Pakistan just keep on studying and studying without even knowing what they are doing and what they want to become in their life. The most important thing in a student's life is defining a goal, Take a day out for yourself and think about your life and situation and define your goal. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What do you want to become?
2) What is success?
3) What is your purpose of getting an education?

All you need is to define your goal and then keep your mind and heart reminding this aim. This will keep you motivated and working hard.

7) Division of Work

First thing in preparing for exams is starting early, in addition to this, dividing the overall preparation can also be a useful technique to study.

I will explain it by giving you an example. Let's say I have 9 chapters in my Physics book, so what I can do it to divide it according to the time left.

You will not believe me that I was able to solve 1st year's Mathematics book of 14 chapters in only 7 days just because I had decided from the first day that I will have 7 days gap before Mathematics exam so I will do 2 chapters a day.

In the same way, if you have the whole year or 8,9 months you can do 1 chapter in a month. Make small targets and then try to achieve one at a time and these little goals will combine and will help you in achieving the ultimate goal.It will not only ease you but also you will not feel any stress and burden of studies.


We are living in the modern age and our education has been updated as well, now we study latest and modern concepts of science and technology, yet the way of learning is the same.

As latest technology demands change in our curriculum, in the same way, we must change our way of learning as well.

Those students who are employing latest techniques and technology in their studies are moving ahead and those who are using conventional studying techniques are lagging behind.

All you required is to change the way you study, if you just go to Youtube and search for a Capacitor, you'll get not only the capacitor video but also its formulas, working, and applications. It will not only remove boredom of studies from your life but also provide you latest concepts about topics.

Have you ever thought that you don't forget a movie scene for years but forget a simple definition in a day told by the teacher in class?

The answer to this question is simple, we learn more by watching than listening so if you learn by watching a video on Youtube you will not forget the concept as you have seen it by your own eyes.You can also use Google and Wikipedia to clear your concepts all you need is to use the technology effectively.



It is very unfortunate for us being a Pakistani student that whatever we study in our books everything is almost imaginary to us. We study chemistry as an imaginary subject; we say that electrons are moving around the nucleus, the current is following through the wire.

Our education system is of such a kind that we have almost zero percent practical experience of our knowledge. So what can I do?

In the above GIF, the black liquid is a magnetic substance called ferrofluid.

What we can do it to apply a practical approach in our knowledge, in this modern world we have a magical stick which is called the internet. It has made our life complex and easier at the same time. One can go to Google and Youtube, and he/she can easily watch the practical implementation of his/her knowledge.This will make your concepts so strong that you will not have to memorize all the theory.


If you learn something and you want it to be remembered by you for the rest of your life what you can do is, teach it to others.

If you can pass on your knowledge to someone else and he/she can understand what you want to say then it is an indication of the fact that you have not only learned that concept properly but conceptually. Moreover, it can also be a practice for yourself as well.

Everyone has his point of view, different people think differently, so when you will be teaching something to others they will ask you different types of questions which you haven't had in mind while you, yourself, was learning the same concept, this thing makes your concepts broader and open minded.

By practicing this exercise, you will be able to able to complete and attempt those questions in exams with confidently and properly. Moreover, you will not have to RATTALIZED (Temporary Memorization) all those concepts.

Allah loves the people who help others.

Come out of that approach that if you teach someone a thing, he/she will get marks higher marks in exams. Life doesn't work like that. Yes, he can get good marks only in exams, but you will great marks in entry tests like MCAT, ECAT etc because you have strong concepts. 


Sports and physical activities are really important for a student, it not only keeps us active but also reduces stress which makes us happy and healthy. 

A good student must take some time out for some physical exercise. It can be in any form whether you play cricket, tennis, basketball or football or simply go for jogging. Even sitting idol in the park and greenery can have a positive effect on your mind and health.

Don't think such physical activities are waste of time because you think it will waste an hour of me for nothing. Do you know? If you exercise a little, it makes your brain works faster. If you don't play, the same topic you will memorize in an hour, but if you play a little, the same can be memorized in half an hour. Try it!

Make a healthy habit of exercise, eat meal on fixed time. Keep yourself relax and happy. All these positive traits of personality will eventually add plus points to your educational life and you will be able to achieve much higher results. ( In Sha ALLAH).

Share it with your friends. If you think there is a point that is not explained above, you can write a comment, we will reply to your comments.



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Top Study World: 11 Habits To Be A Successful Pakistani Student In Every Field
11 Habits To Be A Successful Pakistani Student In Every Field
If you want to become a successful Pakistani students at SSC, HSSC. CSS or university level, then this article would be a life changing for you.
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